Sydney-CRCWSC participants along with government and private industry representatives from New South Wales and the ACT are invited to attend a free seminar and panel discussion on novel water sensitive city decision-making tools.

The seminar, Novel decision-making tools for planners and designers engaged with creating water sensitive cities, will showcase research conducted by CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and recent discussions on novel scenario assessment and decision support tools that help to address the complexity of managing water in a world faced with increasing population growth and changing land uses patterns; increasing climate variability and a tightening economic environment.

This seminar and panel discussion has been designed to share and discuss three of these tools with practitioners involved in land use and growth planning, infrastructure planning and design, integrated water management planning. The tools being discussed are DAnCE4Water (Dynamic Adaptation for eNabling City Evolution for Water), the Urban Metabolism Framework and Water Sensitive City Modelling Toolkit.

Speakers at the seminar include Dr Christian Urich, researcher in the CRCWSC project Socio-technical modelling tools to examine urban water management scenarios (Project A4.3); Dr Marguerite Renouf, researcher in Catchment-scale landscape planning for water sensitive city-regions in an age of climate change (Project B1.2), and Ross Allen, Project Leader for Integration and Demonstration through Urban Design (Project D1.5).

Last updated: 1st Dec 2015