Chapter Highlights 

  • Methods for discovering the size and location of leaks in Water Distribution Systems are reviewed.
  • Machine learning algorithms classify leaks based on observed flows and pressures.
  • Optimization algorithms find the best placement for sensors to capture leak signatures.
  • Sectorization of a large Water Distribution System reduces the computational cost and increases the performance of leak quantification techniques.



Shiddiqi, A., Cardell-Oliver, R. & Datta, A. (2018). Sensing-Based Leak Quantification Techniques in Water Distribution Systems. In: P. Tsakalides, A. Panousopoulou, G. Tsagkatakis & L. Montestruque, eds., Smart Water Grids: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach. New York: CRC Press, pp. 129-150. © 2018 Taylor & Francis Group.