This report presents the outcomes of a participatory process focused on planning Greater Perth’s transition to a water sensitive city. The process was conducted with leading professionals from across water, planning, community, urban development and other related sectors in Perth. The participants took part in a series of five workshops to collaboratively develop a vision for Greater Perth as a water sensitive city in 2065, guiding principles of practice, and strategies and actions for transitioning towards the vision. The process was conducted as part of a CRC for Water Sensitive Cities project "Mapping Water Sensitive City Scenarios" (Project A4.2), which develops and applies innovative transition planning processes and frameworks in different case study contexts.

The report’s primary purpose is to showcase the results of this workshop series, which provide targeted guidance for navigating Perth’s water sensitive city transition. As well as a high level orienting vision and strategic transition framework, this guidance includes a range of specific ideas to inform the design and implementation of operational programs of action to accelerate the desired transitional change. The report is designed as a resource for government, industry and community stakeholders interested in steering transitions towards water sensitive cities. Although developed from the Greater Perth context, the insights are relevant for Australian cities and towns.


Note: This document was produced as a Tranche 1 Technical / milestone report