Professor Tony Wong, CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, was honoured to deliver this year’s Deakin Oration on Thursday 31 August in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Victoria.

Established by the Victorian Parliament, the Deakin Oration provides a contemporary context for the legacy of Alfred Deakin, Victorian MP and Australia's second Prime Minister.

Prof. Wong spoke in depth on the theme of water and sustainability, urging our political leaders to embrace principles of collaboration around the issue, and articulating a strong message of optimism, including the advances offered via water sensitive cities.

Drawing attention to valuable lessons from the past, Prof. Wong highlighted the huge potential for cooperation and visionary governance to transform our cities into ones better equipped for contemporary and future challenges in water management.

Prof. Wong’s words paved the way for “an ambitious but necessary meet the challenges that lie ahead.” A panel discussion facilitated by Tanya Ha followed, offering a chance for audience questions and further insights from fellow leaders, Jenny Scovell and Prof. Rob Skinner.

Watch a video of the speech here, or access the full transcript.

Last updated: 16th Oct 2017