This important event followed a series of consultation workshops held with CRCWSC industry participants and key stakeholders in Australian cities to discuss the transition of these cities and regions to become more water sensitive, and the ‘Needs and Opportunities’ that could support this transition.

Using the outcomes from these city/region workshops, we will be in a good position to commence the preliminary scoping of the research opportunities that may be incorporated into the 2nd tranche of the CRCWSC research program.

The purpose of the Tranche 2 Project Development Workshop was to:

  1. Develop the preliminary Tranche 2 program of projects that builds on the Tranche 1 outputs, responds to the needs of industry and aligns with the strategic purpose of the CRCWSC.
  2. Commence identifying alignment between research needs, available expertise and the emerging T2 delivery model, including interactions with the Regional Advisory Panels.
  3. Provide researchers with an understanding of the proposed T2 delivery and governance model and identify best opportunities for their ongoing involvement.

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