Building capacity involves a range of interventions from building the skills and knowledge of individuals through developing organisational processes, systems and strategies to changing governance and regulatory arrangements, and building broader community water literacy. "Strengthening education programs to foster future water sensitive city leaders"  (Project D4.1) is focussed on individual scale capacity by working with partners across the CRCWSC to develop and deliver structured professional learning courses and programs. These courses and programs will build the skills and knowledge of individuals to get innovative projects and programs up and running within and across organisations, to improve the success of such projects and programs, and to drive processes of transformation and change that will embed water sensitivity at a city-scale.

This document provides a characterisation and assessment of the survey results for the purpose of proposing ways of building the capacity of urban water professionals to deliver water sensitive city outcomes through structured learning courses. Survey results concerned with evaluating the ways in which the CRCWSC currently seeks to build sector capacity to deliver water sensitive city outcomes will not be considered in this report.