It has been commonplace to state that sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can bring a wide range of benefits without evidencing or quantifying these benefits. The Construction Industry Research Information Association (CIRIA) has developed a tool called BeST. This helps practitioners in the UK to evaluate a wide range of economic benefits from using SuDS. However, as the future is uncertain it is difficult to evaluate the longer-term benefits with any certainty. The approach presented here helps to consider the future uncertainties in the analysis of SuDS based on scenario planning. The presented methodology and conclusions drawn show how considering futures in this way can help inform decision pathway planning and selection of SuDS options for future robustness and maximum value.



Republished in part with permission from   Ashley, R., Digman, C., Horton, B., Gersonius, B., Smith, B., Shaffer, P. and Baylis, A. (2016). Using the multiple benefits of SuDS tool (BeST) to deliver long-term benefits. In: Novatech, 28 June – 1 July, Lyon, France.

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Last updated: 6th Apr 2017