A stormwater biofilter is an excavated basin or trench filled with porous material that acts as filter media and growing media for the planted vegetation. Biofilters are a proven method of treating stormwater from urban areas. To function well, biofilters rely on both the filtering properties of the soil media and the pollutant uptake and/or transformation capacity of their plants and the associated microbial community. While these guidelines provide information on how to select the most appropriate plant species for biofilters within the south-west of Western Australia, the general principles are applicable to other regions.

Note: This guideline is also a project milestone report produced in Tranche 1.


Oversby, B., Payne, E., Fletcher, T., Byleveld, G., Hatt, B. (2014). Technical Report: Vegetation guidelines for stormwater biofilters in the south-west of Western Australia. Monash Water for Liveability Centre, Clayton, Australia