The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) was invited to develop a WSC vision and transition strategy for Adelaide, encompassing the Greater Adelaide region. This forms part of the Water Sensitive City Visions and Transition Strategies integrated research project (IRP1), which aims to deliver a suite of participatory methods and associated tools for guiding cities and towns in accelerating their water sensitive transitions.

This report presents the key outputs of the project. Its purpose is to provide a framework for orienting and coordinating strategic action across the many different stakeholders who will need to collaborate for Adelaide’s envisioned water future to be achieved. It is anticipated that this summary report can be used as a resource to inform the design and implementation of operational programs of action within departments of the SA Government and other organisations.

This report is complemented by a companion document, Benchmarking, Envisioning and Transition Planning for a Water Sensitive Adelaide: Final Case Report that provides a full description of the case study methodology as well as the detailed analyses that underpin the results.