WA Water Corporation has progressed the vision for Greater Perth to be a leading waterwise city, by hosting a regional showcase of some of the outstanding waterwise projects delivering benefit to the community and environment. In WA, Water Corporation is using the term “Waterwise Cities” to communicate the concept of water sensitive cities to the public.

Waterwise Cities objectives

Perth’s Water Sensitive Transition Network (a group of government, water utility and private sector water leaders and strategic thinkers) and key industry stakeholders were invited to the Waterwise Cities Showcase.  They learned about Water Corporation’s projects that are finding new opportunities beyond essential water services to create greater value across the urban water cycle. These activities will help Perth create and maintain highly liveable communities as natural water sources continue to decline.

Nearly 40 attendees got to better understand 7 projects in the region:

  1. Verge Study, which identified the largest outdoor irrigation water users via stereoscopic images that will support targeted water efficiency strategies
  2. Perth Residential Water Use Study, which will use data analytics and large scale smart metering to develop an advanced understanding of household water use to support future water efficiency and water balance programs
  3. The new Water Research and Innovation Precinct, established at Subiaco Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will pilot new wastewater treatment technologies and resource recovery options to deliver more sustainable outcomes
  4. Behind meter renewable position, which is looking at using renewable energy for supply and treatment operations to achieve electricity cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  5. Drainage for Liveability program, delivered in partnership with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, which is working with local governments and other stakeholders to increase community access to green spaces around drains and basins and converting drains into living streams
  6. Viable options for resource recovery, exploring recovery and reuse of not only water but nutrients, chemicals and energy from wastewater and water treatment plants
  7. Mapping of alternative water source options, which is identifying the scale and location of potential demands for non-potable water supplies and recycling options, and analysing potential impacts on water, wastewater and drainage servicing across Perth.

For more information about the showcase projects, contact Nadine Riethmuller, Manager Waterwise Cities, Water Corporation WA, at nadine.riethmuller@watercorporation.com.au.

Last updated: 22nd Jan 2019