This paper outlines recent ideas and experiences from starting to apply WSUD concepts mainly in the EC constituent countries of the UK, Netherlands and Germany. As the drivers for using WSUD in Europe are different from Australia, WSUD needs to be more effectively interconnected with other services and needs for developers to start to take up the ideas that go beyond BMPs/SuDS concepts and practices. This is illustrated with pilot applications of WSUD in the constituent countries of the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. As water management practice moves away from buried pipes for water supply and drainage, there is a shift in both professional norms and in responsibilities for water management.


Republished in part with permission from   Ashley, R., Shucksmith, J., Blanksby, J., Sharp, L., Tait, S., Shaffer, P. and Stam, J. (2013). Water sensitive urban design in a European context. In: Water Sensitive Urban Design 2013: WSUD 2013. Barton, ACT: Engineers Australia, pp. 209-219.

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Last updated: 4th Apr 2017