Last year, we started accrediting industry providers to deliver water sensitive cities benchmarking and visioning services, using the Water Sensitive Cities Index. The Index is our first tool to be rolled out at this scale. Accrediting industry providers and working with them to co-develop the best delivery model is a key step in rolling out our research for adoption and mainstreaming water sensitive cities practice.

We ran our second accreditation training in August, working with representatives from our SME and consulting participants, and from water utilities. Our new trainees also come from all around Australia—Melbourne (9), Brisbane (3), Sydney (1), Perth (2) and Adelaide (3). We even had trainees from overseas—two from New Zealand and one from the United States. Water sensitive practices really are going global!

The training, which was held in Melbourne 20–21 August, covered:

  • background on the Index
  • its development and commercialisation, and
  • how to facilitate a benchmarking workshop to capture robust and consistent evidence.

The trainees also heard from two of our current accredited providers—Sara Lloyd from E2Designlab and Lindsey Brown from Foundry—who shared their experiences and lessons in delivering benchmarking and visioning services.

To complete their accreditation, our trainees must deliver an observed workshop. You can find all our accredited providers at our WSC Index website.


Jonathan Ho (Alluvium Consulting)

Leon Harvey (Create Develop)

Georgie Wettenhall (Design Flow)

Sam Innes (E2Designlab)

Ian Johnson (Foundry)

Myles Coker (GHD)

Ryan Brotchie (GHD)

Gayani Chandrasena (Water Technology)

Rob Catchlove (Wave Consulting)


Kim Markwell (E2Designlab)

Luke McPhail (Water Technology)

Shiv Umapathi (Water Technology)

South Australia

Niki Robinson (GHD)

Mark Siebentritt (Seed Consulting)

Ben Taylor (Water Technology)

Western Australia

Adele Gismondi (WA Water Corporation)

Amanda Best (WA Water Corporation)

New South Wales

Tom Patterson (GHD)

New Zealand

Stu Farrant (Morphum Environmental Ltd, Wellington)

Greer Lees (Morphum Environmental Ltd, Auckland)

United States

Anne Lynch (GHD, California)

Last updated: 24th Sep 2019