The WSC Toolkit is a simple-to-use rapid assessment tool for identifying the multiple benefits of a range of water sensitive urban design technology and green infrastructure options in urban environments. Justifying the multiple benefits of implementing such water sensitive assets in urban development projects (be it greenfield or retrofit) is often quite challenging.

With the WSC Toolkit, practitioners gain a new quantitative and visual means of illustrating how water sensitive technologies can deliver a range of benefits in addition to their core function. These include improving stream health and ecology, reducing minor flooding to protect against stream erosion, mitigating urban heat and understanding the likely economic benefit in terms of willingness to pay based on the local demographic.

The ability to understand how these benefits may change in future with the impact of climate change is an added feature. Overall, being able to customise your suite of different assessments that the Toolkit offers will allow you to build a more holistic, interdisciplinary and integrated picture of your water sensitive city and communicate this more effectively to other stakeholders on your project.

WSC Toolkit and Microclimate Module
Monday, 29 May 2017

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Last updated: 16th May 2017