UNDER DEVELOPMENT - Management Actions Tool

Used for planning and assessing water sensitive development options.

The Management Actions Tool allows practitioners to identify water sensitive actions with targets that will most effectively advance a city’s water sensitive city transition.

The transition to a water sensitive city starts with benchmarking and understanding your city’s current water sensitive performance, using the WSC Index. Once you have developed your vision, the Transition Dynamics Framework helps you examine the enablers and barriers to your city’s transition, to identify where to focus efforts.

Developing actions is the next step in linking the vision and transition strategy to on-ground practice. The Management Actions Tool can help practitioners identify actions and then prioritise them, to ensure they make the most of limited resources for maximum impact.

Identify and develop actions that will drive your city’s water sensitive transition

Using the tool you can:

  • view descriptions of WSC Index ratings to inform action planning
  • define management actions
  • model how defined actions will affect WSC Index results
  • set targets
  • analyse current results against targets to track and report on progress
  • share data to support city-to-city learning.

Interested in using the Management Actions Tool?

Where to find more information

You’ll find more information about benchmarking your city on the following pages:

Useful resources

We’re testing the tool now

We’ve released a beta version of the tool for testing in more cities, and we welcome expressions of interest from cities wanting to use it to help advance their water sensitive transition.

Email us at admin@crcwsc.org.au to find out how you access the tool.

We use feedback to further refine the tool's functionality (such as developing reporting templates) and develop training materials. And as more and more cities use the tool, we will populate results to support city-to-city learning.

Last updated: 16th Aug 2022