Future Technologies (Program C)

Integrated and multifunctional urban water systems

This program aims to integrate a variety of water sources at a range of scales for specific or fit-for-purpose uses such as drinking, washing, and irrigation. This research is developing tools and techniques to manage urban water flows, minimise water wastage, and recover energy, nutrients, and other valuable materials.

Projects in the Future Technologies Program are working to:

  • develop water cycle technologies that are available with associated guidelines for their design, plus operational and asset management; and
  • establish best practice in delivery of water sensitive urban water services.

This will be achieved by:

  • supporting the early adoption of biofilter design, operation, and maintenance guidelines;
  • establishing broad awareness and early adoption of the database for stormwater characteristics;
  • facilitating wide awareness and early adoption by some regulatory agencies of the developed validation framework for passive stormwater harvesting; and
  • applying data mining algorithms in smart metering systems by water utilities.


Last updated: 6th Dec 2017