Water Sensitive Urbanism (Program B)

Influencing urban planning and design through water

This program seeks to apply a new approach to urban planning and design to improve the sustainability and liveability of urban environments. It will apply a new paradigm in urban planning and design that captures the many aspects of urban water management including reliable access to clean water, flood protection, design for climate-sensitive areas, land- and water-based natural systems, and productive landscapes.

Projects in the Water Sensitive Urbanism Program are working to:

  • develop the practices (tools and techniques) used by urban planning, architecture, and water management practitioners to create the physical, social, and biological form of cities.

This will be achieved by:

  • developing and using conceptual models designed to validate the utility and applicability of water sensitive urbanism;
  • working with industry partners to test and validate a range of conceptual planning models and tools; and
  • understanding areas of contested science and policy reform for water sensitive urbanism.


Last updated: 6th Dec 2017