Regional application and validation

Regional Implementation Projects (REG) are identified by the Regional Advisory Panels and aim to primarily aim to address specific local interests and needs. Some of these projects will form a case study location for the Integrated Research Projects (IRPs), and/or use some of the tools or products developed in the TAP activities. Co-investments from regional partners in these projects will be important to address their scope in a broad sense.

The proposed REGs provide a great opportunity for researchers to actively engage with end-users in areas that are clearly of relevance and interest to them. In particular, researchers in continuing tranche 1 projects will be directly connecting and engaging with at least one of these proposed REGs to identify opportunities to apply their outcomes and findings in practice. This creates an important opportunity to "showcase" the research expertise and outcomes, and to demonstrate research relevance to current needs and local activities.

Regional projects will be reliant on sourcing significant co-investments from the RAPs/end-users involved. Building further industry–researcher collaborations will be crucially important to help establish a strong, ongoing program. To this end each Regional Advisory Panel has identified a list of priority list of REGs.

Last updated: 6th Dec 2017