cover-blueprint2013Stormwater Management in a Water Sensitive City

The purpose of blueprint2013 is to foster discussion and innovation in harnessing the potential of stormwater to overcome water shortages, reduce urban temperatures, and improve waterway health and the landscape of Australian cities in their transformation into Water Sensitive Cities.

This report is the third version of an evolving document that articulates how, through a holistic approach to the management of urban stormwater, we can transition Australian cities to Water Sensitive Cities. Our reference to cities includes all urban environments and the approaches and philosophical context of water sensitive cities are equally applicable to regional towns and cities throughout Australia and overseas.

blueprint2013 includes additional insights and recommendations emanating from research across multiple disciplines undertaken by the Cities as Water Supply Catchments research team in 2012. The blueprint outlines approaches to urban stormwater management that can be adopted today to support the transition of our urban areas to Water Sensitive Cities and Towns.

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Last updated: 16th Jul 2013