TW-SC1Asia Pacific and Singaporean television audiences have been shown the research and practices that are revolutionising water management during an interview with CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) Chief Executive Professor Tony Wong.

The interview, conducted by ABC Australia Plus and also shown on Channel News Asia Singapore as part of an Australia Day special, discussed the evolution of water sensitive urban design and the broadening international interest in the CRCWSC’s research.

Professor Wong discussed the importance of future urban communities and city planners “bringing nature back to the city” through incorporating green infrastructure, rather than separating nature from city spaces.

“Technology and water engineering itself is not going to solve some of the grand challenges related to climate change and sustainability. What is required is a team that brings together knowledge and expertise… to say how do we make that city a sustainable, resilient place in the way we manage water”, Professor Wong said.

The program also looked at China’s rapid introduction of ‘sponge cities’ that will help to prevent flooding through the use of water sensitive urban design elements such as wetlands and permeable road surfaces.

Last updated: 1st Feb 2016