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The world is watching Australia’s water sensitive cities

Our International Engagement Manager (Asia) Jianbin Wang brought the world’s attention to Australia’s water sensitive cities as a leading example for other countries during his plenary keynote address at the 4th International Water Association Science Summit on Urban Water, held…
  • Date Published: 22nd Jan 2019

Sponge City Innovation Park

The Jiangsu-Victoria Sponge City Innovation Park is a 10 hectare site that will exhibit cutting edge water sensitive infrastructure and technology, with facilities for validating emerging sponge city technologies and products. The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and its…
  • Date Published: 9th Oct 2018

Remotely sensed thermal pollution and its relationship with energy consumption and industry in a rapidly urbanizing Chinese city

Abstract Taking the city of Xiamen, China, as an example, we used thermal infrared remote sensing to detect thermal pollution, and examined its relationship to energy consumption and the industrial economy. Monthly changes in 2002 and dynamics throughout the period…
  • Date Published: 1st Jun 2013