You can now download the CRCWSC’s first regional case study.

On 15 May we launched the case study to great reception at the pre-event drinks of the ‘Conservation in action: research to reality’ conference. The case study looks at why and how Orange (New South Wales) took innovative approaches to developing a diverse water supply.

CRCWSC Project Manager Celeste Morgan attended the launch, to answer questions and explain how we’re preparing a series of case studies to showcase real-life projects that deliver water sensitive city outcomes. We hope these case studies help build evidence to support and encourage the adoption of our research outcomes.

Celeste Morgan from the CRCWSC launches the Orange case study at the 'Conservation in action' conference in Bathurst.

“The Orange scheme is leading the way in Australia in demonstrating how stormwater can be used as part of a potable water supply, but it’s been somewhat of a quiet achiever. Its been operational for years and embraced by the community, but until now there hasn’t been a good summary of the journey and the key lessons. The project team is excited that key information for this landmark project has been captured in a great case study,” said Ms Morgan.

The Orange case study examines the city’s experience in diversifying its water supply by capturing and treating urban stormwater to supplement the potable water supply. To learn about key lessons from this experience, download a copy of the case study.

Last updated: 4th Jun 2018