The Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) has just released its annual impact report for 2018, outlining its research, education and innovation activities towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The MSDI is focused on generating change at scale for the benefit of people and the planet.

The CRCWSC works with the MSDI on the RISE (Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments) joint project to adapt and apply water sensitive principles and practices to address human health challenges in 24 informal settlements across Indonesia and Fiji.

The MSDI manages the RISE project and we advise on community engagement and nature-based structural engineering solutions (such as constructed wetlands) for sanitation and clean water. Last year we attended the official groundbreaking ceremony on the RISE Makassar, Indonesia site.

But RISE is only one of the activities the MSDI is involved in. Read about others in its annual impact report 2018.

Last updated: 18th Jun 2019