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MSDI releases annual impact report 2018

The Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) has just released its annual impact report for 2018, outlining its research, education and innovation activities towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The MSDI is focused on generating change at scale for the…
  • Date Published: 18th Jun 2019

RISE science panel addresses human exposure pathways

RISE International Scientific and Advisory Panel and Leadership team How are children in informal settlements in developing countries really getting sick? What are the human exposure pathways to illness in these settlements? And to what extent is water a pathway?…
  • Date Published: 19th Feb 2019

RISE breaks ground in Makassar

RISE reached a significant milestone in its work to solve sustainable development challenges using water sensitive principles and practices in informal settlements, when it officially broke ground on the demonstration site in Makassar, Indonesia on 21 November. The groundbreaking ceremony…
  • Date Published: 4th Dec 2018

CRCWSC plays major role in the World Water Congress

Our CEO Professor Tony Wong and Chief Research Officer Professor Jurg Keller led a large CRCWSC delegation at the International Water Association’s World Water Congress and Exhibition in Tokyo from 16–19 September. Water sensitive city research and application were well…
  • Date Published: 10th Oct 2018

Strengthening the delivery of WASH in urban informal settlements: addressing multiple exposure pathways in urban environments

Delivering water and sanitation services to people living in informal settlements at the edges of cities and towns is complex. This new thought piece from the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities ThinkTank calls for an holistic approach to providing water…
  • Date Published: 3rd Oct 2018

Training encourages integrated water management in Fiji

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and Melbourne Water were in Suva in April 2018, to deliver training on Integrated Water Management (IWM) approaches. The training was part of the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) project, which…
  • Date Published: 24th Apr 2018

Context specific adaptation grammars for climate adaptation in urban areas

Abstract In the context of climate adaptation planning there are relationships between adaptation drivers and adaptation measures, which makes the selection and implementation of the adaptation measures a challenging task. This challenge may be addressed by: structuring the adaptation problem…
  • Date Published: 2nd Feb 2018

RISE starts 2018 with new website and annual activity report

RISE (Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments) launched both its new website and its first annual activity report on Friday 2 February. These new platforms show the unique interdisciplinary nature of RISE’s progress as a collaborator across multiple objectives. The…
  • Date Published: 20th Feb 2018

We have big plans for 2018

We are setting an ambitious agenda for the CRCWSC in 2018, as we strive to deliver all elements of our Strategic Plan – delivering research excellence and translating research outputs into practice innovation by our Participants, and at the same…
  • Date Published: 6th Feb 2018

Water Quality Dynamics of Urban Water Bodies during Flooding in Can Tho City, Vietnam

Abstract Water pollution associated with flooding is one of the major problems in cities in the global South. However, studies of water quality dynamics during flood events are not often reported in literature, probably due to difficult conditions for sampling…
  • Date Published: 6th Apr 2017