Practitioners will be able to easily find and use the tools, resources and products that the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities has produced since it began in 2012.

We’ve made it simple to search and find what you need.

We’ll launch the new Water Sensitive Cities Knowledge Platform at our 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference, 15–18 March.

Searching for resources is simple.

The Knowledge Platform will have 4 ways to search:

Choose a topic from the ‘water wheel’ on the homepage

Under each high level topic heading on the interactive water wheel, you’ll find a list of themes within that topic. We cover areas such as green infrastructure, urban heat, natural systems, and economics and business cases.

Each one of these theme pages houses all the CRCWSC resources relating to that theme. You’ll find research findings and reports, research applications, tools and guidelines, and useful infographics you can use in your own presentations and reports.

Go straight to a tool

We’ve created a page for each tool and framework (e.g. WSC Index, Scenario Tool, Infill Performance Evaluation Framework, Integrated planning framework). You can go to the list of tools directly from the home page.

Each page briefly explains what the tool is and how you can use it. It also gives links to other resources such as guidance material, and other relevant theme pages if you want to read the supporting evidence.

Go straight to a case study

Our case studies offer tangible examples to help with future water sensitive cities projects. The case studies identify the key drivers and innovations of past, real-life projects and capture the lessons learned from early adopters of our research knowledge.

You can search case studies by topic, location or title.

Search for a resource

If you know what you’re after, you can search for it directly by selecting the magnifying glass in the top right corner and typing in the title.

Or you can go to ‘Resources’ and search by title, location, topic, date or author.

Guided questions help too.

We’ve developed some guided questions to help you identify the resources and information you’re after. We start with some high level questions:

I want to know:

  • How water sensitive is my city?
  • How do I establish support and commitment for a water sensitive city?
  • How can I improve the water sensitive performance of my city?
  • What types of water sensitive city solutions are best to implement?
  • How do I implement, monitor and evaluate water sensitive city projects?
  • Where do I start?

Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll suggest resources that can help.

You can still access all of the pages from our current website via the Legacy page

All of the information about individual research projects and CRCWSC governance is still there, but has been archived in a Legacy section. You’ll find it under the navigation menu on the homepage.

The CRCWSC is proud of its research outputs over the past 9 years and we look forward to leaving a lasting legacy that will continue our vision of Water sensitive practice. Every city. Every day.

Join us in the afternoon of Day 2 (Tuesday 16 March) of the 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference for the official launch of the Water Sensitive Cities Knowledge Platform. Head to the conference website to download state programs.

Last updated: 8th Mar 2021