What Ozwater’19 Conference and Trade Exhibition

When 7–9 May 2019

Where Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria

The Ozwater‘19 Conference and Trade Exhibition brings together water professionals from across Australia and around the world, to share ideas on the future of Australia’s water.

The CRCWSC is excited to be involved in this year’s event.

Day 1—Tuesday 7 May 2019

Guiding integrated urban and water planning
Chris Chesterfield (Project Leader, IRP3)

Stream 5: Opportunities and challenges in governance, policy, regulation and structure—Planning in an uncertain future

Time: 1:15pm–3:15pm

Chris will introduce our new integrated research project (IRP3), which aims to explore how urban development can be deliberately guided through planning to achieve water sensitive outcomes at a range of scales. He will cover the need for and the scope of the project, the preliminary conceptual framework for integrated planning, and early insights from research to date.

Day 2—Wednesday 8 May 2019

Quantifying the hydrological performance of infill development
Dr Marguerite Renouf (Project Leader, IRP4)

Stream 4: Building sustainable cities and thriving communities—Servicing the future

Time: 10.45am–12.15pm

Margeurite will discuss how water sensitive urban design can affect the hydrological performance of infill sites. As part of IRP4, Marguerite’s team estimated the hydrological performance of two infill typologies (business as usual and water sensitive) on a hypothetical site, and compared it with a typical existing typology. This research shows good design can enable increased densities without further altering hydrological flows.

Water for growth
Stuart Wilson (Deputy Executive Director, WSAA) and Ben Furmage (Chief Operating and Finance Officer, CRCWSC)

Workshop and panel (WSAA and AWA stream—session 2)

Time: 1.15pm–3.15pm

There is an increased body of evidence showing the economic, health and environment benefits from investing to ensure our growing cities are liveable. This session will look at moving from in-principle acceptance of these benefits to on-ground action and ask:

  • What is impacting our ability to get projects off the ground that will provide long term health and liveability benefits?
  • What does the customer want and who pays?
  • What is the role of developers?
  • What are the new innovative partnerships that are needed and how will they work?

The session will showcase work being done by WSAA and its members in this area as well as build on the findings of CRCWSC’s Comprehensive Economic Evaluation Framework (IRP2) and involve speakers, a Q&A panel and roundtable discussions.

Panellists include:    Dr Jane Doolan (Commissioner, Productivity Commission)
Jim Bentley (Managing Director, Hunter Water)
Louise Dudley (Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Urban Utilities)
Rachel Dapiran (Executive Director Planning, Infrastructure and Technical, Victorian Planning Authority)

Implementing a transitions agenda for creating Australian water sensitive cities
Dr Briony Rogers (Chief Research Officer), Katie Hammer (Project Manager, IRP1)

Workshop 13

Time: 4.00pm–5.30pm

Join us to advance Australia’ water sensitive city transition agenda by considering implementation strategies and actions. We invite you to reflect on insights from CRCWSC Visions and Transitions Strategies project (IRP1), and discuss the tools and processes available and under development to guide the transition journey for cities to become more water sensitive. Participants will then share ideas for implementing a water sensitive cities transition agenda across Australia.

Trade Exhibition

We will also have a stand at the Ozwater’19 Trade Exhibition (Tuesday 7 May to Thursday 9 May). Visit our stand—F01—to find out about the latest CRCWSC research, tools and outputs, or to talk to our presenters.

You’ll find someone at our booth at all times, and our presenters will be there at the following times:

Chris Chesterfield: 3.30–4.30 Tuesday 7 May
Dr Marguerite Renouf: 12.15–1.15 Wednesday 8 May
Ben Furmage: 11.30–12.30 Thursday 9 May
Dr Briony Rogers: 2.30–3.20 Wednesday 8 May
Katie Hammer: 2.30–3.20 Wednesday 8 May
Kristy Good: 12.30–1.30 Thursday 9 May
Euan Hind: 10.00–11.00 Tuesday 7 May

Last updated: 24th Apr 2019