Generating learning opportunities through demonstration projects and case studies will deliver tangible and practical outcomes for CRCWSC participants. Through focused, well-designed demonstrations of on-ground technologies and non-structural innovations (i.e. new guidance or strategic planning), Project D1.4 will deliver an important platform for collective action.

Demonstration projects will be critical sites for researchers to work alongside industry participants to actively synthesise relevant CRCWSC outputs to support application at varying scales (i.e. sub-municipal, municipal etc.). In addition, detailed documentation of case study examples provides critical learning tools for supporting sectoral capacity building programs.


Key outcomes

Demonstration projects are key to generating relevant information to 'ground-proof' novel concepts for changing contemporary practices.
Project D1.4 will deliver:

  • a series of select, on-ground demonstration projects to be identified and developed in collaboration with key industry partners;
  • industry-relevant case study reports reflecting on lessons learned and pathways forward from individual and collective demonstrations; and
  • informing or creating relevant industry networks to support replication and/or adaptation.
Last updated: 17th Jun 2016