The Jiangsu-Victoria Sponge City Innovation Park is a 10 hectare site that will exhibit cutting edge water sensitive infrastructure and technology, with facilities for validating emerging sponge city technologies and products. The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and its partners have been commissioned to lead the park’s development and masterplanning, and to undertake landscape and building concept designs that will showcase CRCWSC innovation at building and public open space scales.

The Jiangsu-Victoria Sponge City Innovation Park will link with Kunshan City’s Sponge City Performance Assessment and Testing Facilities; the two will collectively serve as the research demonstration and technology validation facility for Australian innovation for application in China. The CRCWSC will guide the operation of both the innovation park and technology validation facility. The project includes a range of water sensitive city initiatives, which will be built immediately, together and at scale – an opportunity which is rare in an Australian context. For further information, download case study below.

Last updated: 9th Oct 2018