Nearly four years into the life of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, a considerable knowledge base has been established that will support the development of tools, products and processes to enable transitions toward water sensitive cities.

This project aims to provide a platform to consolidate this knowledge in a Water Sensitive Cities (WSC) Index. Ultimately, the Index will underpin a reliable and user-friendly web tool that can be used for city assessments across Australia and the rest of the world.


Key outcomes

This project will deliver a WSC Index and accompanying tools for assessing the water sensitivity of urban places ranging from metropolitan to local government areas and informing management responses to improve water sensitive practices. The tools will be packaged with a web-based platform and user manuals to assist self-assessment by end users.

The value of this project lies in equipping CRCWSC’s industry partners with the capacity to monitor and evaluate the performance of their water management practices and explore measures that would realise water sensitive potential. This outcome will critically support CRCWSC’s mission of revolutionising water management to enhance the liveability, sustainability and resilience of our cities. End users will include local and state governments, public agencies and water utilities, consultancies, land developers, community groups, technology providers and research organisations.