Tranche1-CoverThe CRCWSC is pleased to release the latest online version of the Summary of Research Outputs: Tranche 1, 2012/13 – 2016/17, which was initially released in draft format to support the Tranche 2 consultation process.

This document presents a summary of the research outputs delivered by the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) during its first phase or Tranche 1, from 2012/13 through to 2016/17. This summary has been developed to provide CRCWSC participants and knowledge end-users, including government, water utilities and industry groups, with a quick guide to the key research outputs and how they relate to some of the key transition needs and issues facing practitioners in delivering water sensitive city outcomes.

The intent of this summary is to communicate the extent of research undertaken in tranche and to inform future conversations regarding how we translate research outcomes into industry relevant tools and products.

This document includes all of the known completed and pending outputs associated with Tranche 1 research projects in ‘Part 1: Research outputs in relation to water sensitive city transition pathways’.

Outputs are presented individually in summary tables and include a short description of the output and the product type (e.g. training resource, guideline, literature, database or model).

For ease of use, the ‘Transition Pathways’ framework has been used to group Tranche 1 research outputs into key themes to assist document users locate research outputs which are relevant and of interest to different end-user groups and contexts. The transition pathways framework identifies three key pathways along which change needs to be pursued if cities and regions desire to move towards more water sensitive systems and communities.

‘Part 2: Resources relating to research outputs’ provides a comprehensive list of publications and resources that relate to the research output. They are grouped according to the type of resource and include:

  • Formal Publications or peer reviewed / referenced academic journal articles and publications
  • General publications in the form of non-peer reviewed academic articles and occasional papers / publications (including presentations, posters and non-refereed conference papers)
  • Project fact sheets
  • Industry or policy notes
  • Technical or milestone reports
  • News items
  • Other (including abstracts, video files etc. )
Last updated: 22nd Feb 2016