RISE (Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments) launched both its new website and its first annual activity report on Friday 2 February. These new platforms show the unique interdisciplinary nature of RISE’s progress as a collaborator across multiple objectives.

The website is a valuable information source, which provides a program overview for those not familiar with RISE, in addition to publications and presentations, program updates, graphics and visuals. It also has a restricted portal for RISE partners. The portal offers a range of resources, including strategies, policies and guidelines; presentations and outreach efforts; mission reports; meeting minutes; workplans; student projects; and communications material.

The first annual activity report is a platform for highlighting the effort that underpinned RISE’s establishment phase in 2017. In this way, it demonstrates the foundations laid for achieving RISE’s ambitious targets.

After a hectic 2017, RISE is proud to have these two new platforms to showcase its work. If you would like to learn more, Sian Kilgour can help you.

Last updated: 19th Feb 2018