Have you ever wondered how water sensitive is your city?
Or, do you need help transitioning to a water sensitive city?

We’ve just produced two brochures to help you better understand the logistics and benefits of using our Water Sensitive Cities Transition Planning Process.

The first brochure covers Module 1 of the Transition Planning Process—applying the Water Sensitive Cities Index. Use this module to answer: How water sensitive is our city?

In Module 1, we work with you to apply the Water Sensitive Cities Index, unite all stakeholders in determining how well your city is presently performing, and gain a shared perspective on coordinated action going forward.

Learn more in the new brochure.

The second brochure covers Module 3 of our Transition Planning Process—using our Transition Dynamics Framework. This module helps you answer: How do we achieve our water sensitive city vision?

The framework identifies your city’s enabling environment for driving your transition to a water sensitive city, and helps you to prioritise, action and monitor your next steps.

You can find out more in the new brochure.

Both brochures are part of our IRP1 project. For more information, contact Katie Hammer (katie.hammer@monash.edu).

Last updated: 18th Jun 2019