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Stakeholder annual report FY1819

FY1819 was another remarkable year for the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. Working together we’re delivering what we promised and more. High quality, award-winning research, industry-directed adoption activities and collaborative on-ground works that put water sensitive principles into practice locally…
  • Date Published: 19th Dec 2019

CRCWSC Stakeholder Annual Report FY1718

During FY1718 we made significant progress in delivering the impact we envision. Well into our second tranche of work (T2), we focused on applying the knowledge that Tranche 1 (T1) generated—and, excitingly, we began firming our plans for T3 and…
  • Date Published: 23rd Jan 2019

CRCWSC Stakeholder Annual Report 2016/17

FY1617 was another very successful year for the CRCWSC. Starting our second tranche of work (T2), we ramped up adoption activities. We also established mechanisms for turning T2 plans into action, gearing up for a possible third tranche (T3) after…
  • Date Published: 22nd Feb 2018

CRCWSC Strategic Plan 2016/17 – 2020/21

The promise of sustainable, resilient, productive,  liveable communities is closer than ever before,  and is a goal greater than any one institution. Towards that goal, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities brings together governments, universities,  businesses, and their communities to…
  • Date Published: 1st Jul 2017

CRCWSC Annual Report 2015/16

This annual report covers the fourth year of the CRCWSC. 2015/16 has been a year of transition and planning for the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC). As we approach the end of our Tranche 1 program (2012–2016),…
  • Date Published: 9th Mar 2017

CRCWSC Research 2012 to 2016

This report provides an overview of research undertaken over a nine-year research and development program. The first phase covers years one to four and involves 35 discrete research projects and have been grouped into four research themes or Programs. Individual…
  • Date Published: 1st Oct 2014

Summary of Research Outputs (Tranche 1, 2012/13 – 2016/17) – Version 2 (released June 2017)

This document presents a summary of the research outputs delivered by the CRCWSC during its first phase, or Tranche 1, from 2012/13 through to 2016/17. This summary provides a quick guide to the key research outputs and how they relate…
  • Date Published: 5th Jun 2017