A vision for a water sensitive Perth

This section presents the vision of Greater Perth as a water sensitive city in 2065 that was iteratively developed throughout the workshop series. Participants were given the opportunity to expand and refine the vision at each workshop. The vision is comprised of four themes and associated desired outcomes and simple visuals.

The figure left describes the four themes of the vision, desired outcomes and how they are interconnected. The corresponding narratives expand on these desired outcomes, drawing from workshop discussions that explored the vision in further detail.

1. Fostering stewardship of  the system

a. People understand the entire water cycle and recognise the need to adapt to uncertain and changing conditions.

b. People feel a sense of belonging and connection with Perth and identify with its evolving water story.

c. People are appropriately engaged in open and inclusive decision-making processes that are informed by comprehensive information and transparency in people’s priorities.

d. There is continuous investment in developing necessary knowledge, skills, and capacity across water-related professions, sectors and the community.

2. Protecting and enhancing  the wellbeing of people and the environment

a. Water is valued and managed with respect for the interdependent and dynamic relationship between people and the environment.

b. Perth’s coastal and inland water ecosystems are protected and thriving with biodiversity.

c. Flood and inundation risks are managed in harmony with local conditions to minimise impacts on and embrace opportunities for the City.

3. Integrating and engaging  with the built and  natural  landscape

a. Perth’s urban character reflects its unique landscape and water environments.

b. The urban environment is comfortable, safe, and promotes health and wellbeing.

c. The City is filled with a network of beautiful, well-designed, and high quality places that are diverse, accessible, loved, and enhanced by effective water management.

d. Infrastructure planning and development are coordinated and integrated to deliver multiple benefits.

4. Sustaining the long-term use of Perth’s resources

a. Water is available to equitably meet the needs of people and the environment both now and in the future.

b. Fit-for-purpose water is supplied through adaptable systems that work across multiple scales.

c. Efficient use and recovery of resources is ensured through innovative water cycle management.

Source: Rogers, B.C., Hammer, K., Werbeloff, L., Chesterfield, C. (2015). Shaping Perth as a Water Sensitive City: Outcomes of a participatory process to develop a vision and strategic transition framework. Melbourne, Australia: Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities.

Last updated: 6th Dec 2017