Developing knowledge, tools and products for industry

A priority area for industry is the need to develop tools, products and knowledge-sharing processes that can be used to guide important decisions such as evaluating the merits of different planning and design options and solutions, setting new industry benchmarks for urban development, and influencing policy outcomes.

Water Sensitive Cities Tools and Products (TAPs)

The portfolio of Water Sensitive City Tools and Products (TAPs) will deliver integrated benchmarking and decision support tools tried and tested by industry. Initial activities will include the continual development of the Water Sensitive Cities Index and Water Sensitive Cities Toolkit.

Research Synthesis

A facilitated design process, the CRCWSC Research Synthesis brings together the CRCWSC’s many research areas and disciplines with government and private industry partners to develop practical “ideas” for addressing specific industry-based challenges. Future research synthesis projects will aim to test and validate our various tools and products in real development scenarios.

Knowledge Translation

Many areas of our research do not easily convert to decision support tools; they rather they help to inform policy reform, planning and management processes and community awareness campaigns. The CRCWSC knowledge translation activities will focus on developing industry-relevant knowledge resources such as policy guidance, design guidelines and management frameworks.

Last updated: 6th Dec 2017