Stakeholder engagement (IRP2-WP1)


This work package is building a common understanding amongst our stakeholders on which elements of water sensitive cities provide the greatest benefits to the community (which includes benefits to the environment), clearly articulating market and non market values, and contributing to the transition towards liveable and resilient cities.  We have developed a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to enable clear communication with our internal colleagues, external stakeholders, the CRC Board and the broader community.  We have also made available an Industry Note that summarises the commitment being made to stakeholders at their various levels of participation.

  1. IRP2 Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  2. Industry Note: Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

A part of this work package has been to identify where there are gaps in assigning values to those key community values and developing appropriate solutions through research (synthesis of existing information, collection of primary information and development of manuals and guidelines).  Since the beginning of the project we have carried out a number of engagement and need assessment activities, such as interviews, group discussions, meetings, workshops and conference sessions (see list of completed activities below). We have summarised our current understanding of the industry needs of various elements of the main deliverables of the project in a report.

  1. Stakeholder Needs Assessment Report

The following steps have guided the stakeholder engagement strategy

Completed Stakeholder Engagements

The following list of organisations have received information and attended a seminar, workshop, committee meeting, briefing, conference session or another type of engagement activity to learn about and engage with CRCWSC's comprehensive economic evaluation framework (IRP2).   It will be updated as IRP2 undertakes more engagement activities and the case studies evolve.

This list also demonstrates the various levels of how the organisations have been engaged.

Updated March 2018.



Level of Engagement





Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges SA RAP, Case Study WP5.5
Alluvium QLD PSC member, RAP, Meetings
Blacktown City Council NSW RAP
Brisbane City Council QLD PSC member, RAP, Meetings
Canterbury Bankstown NSW RAP
City of Armadale WA RAP
City of Canning WA CRCWSC Board, case study (Program A)
City of Greater Dandenong VIC RAP
City of Melbourne VIC RAP
City of Melville WA Seminar
City of Nedlands WA RAP, Workshops
City of Port Phillip VIC RAP
City of Salisbury SA Case Study WP5.5
City of Subiaco WA RAP
City of Swan WA Case Study WP5.3
City of Sydney NSW RAP
City of Unley SA RAP
City West Water VIC Case Study WP5.1, WP5.4, Workshops, RAP
Clearwater VIC Capacity Building
Coliban Water VIC Workshops
Cooks River Alliance NSW RAP
Department for Environment, Land, Water and Planning VIC RAP, Meetings, Workshops
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions WA Case Study WP5.3, RAP, Meetings
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources VIC CRCWSC Board
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources SA RAP
Department of Planning NSW RAP, Meetings
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage WA Meetings, Workshops
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation WA PSC member, Case Studies WP5.2, WP5.3, RAP, Capacity Building
Design Flow SA/QLD RAP
E2Design VIC/QLD Researcher, Case Study W5.1, RAP,
Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council WA PSC member, Case Studies WP5.3, RAP,
Economic Regulatory Authority WA Meetings
Environment and Water Quality Alliance NSW RAP
Environment Protection Authority VIC CRCWSC Board
Fairfield Council NSW RAP
Flow Systems NSW RAP
GHD VIC/WA/QLD PSC member, RAP, Meetings
Greater Sydney LLS NSW RAP
Healthy Land and Water QLD Capacity Building
Hornsby Council NSW RAP
Hortplan (Developers) WA Case Study WP5.3
Hume City Council VIC Workshop (WP5.1)
Inner West Council NSW PSC member
Inside Infrastructure WA/SA Seminar
International Water Centre QLD RAP
Jacobs VIC RAP
KBR WA/QLD RAP, Workshops
Ku Ring Gai Council NSW RAP
Land Corp WA RAP, Workshops
Manningham VIC RAP
Marrickville Council NSW RAP
Marsden Jacobs WA/VIC Meetings, Workshops
Melbourne Water VIC PSC member, Case Studies WP5.1, RAP, Workshops, Meetings, Capacity Building
Monash University VIC Researchers, PSC members, Students, Workshops, Meetings, Case Studies, RAP, CRCWSC
Natural Decisions (INFFER) WA Meetings
Nature Conservancy VIC Workshop (WP5.1)
New Water Ways WA Capacity Building
Newcastle Council NSW RAP
Northern Beaches Council NSW PSC member (past), RAP
Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise Ethipoia Seminar
Peel-Harvey Catchment Council WA Seminar
Queensland Urban Utilities QLD RAP, workshops
RA Consulting VIC RAP
RMCG VIC Researcher, PSC member,
Seed Consulting Services SA Researcher
SEQ Water USA Meetings
Seqwater QLD Workshops,
Shire of Mundaring WA Case Study WP5.3
South East Water VIC Workshops, RAP, CRCWSC Board
Spatial Property WA RAP
SPEL Environmental QLD RAP
Strategic Planning Institute (Developers) WA Case Study WP5.3
Sydney Water NSW RAP, Workshops
Synergies Economic Consulting WA Seminar
Townsville City Council QLD RAP
Unitywater QLD Workshops,
University of Adelaide SA RAP
University of New England VIC Workshop (WP5.1)
University of Queensland QLD CRCWSC
University of Western Australia WA Researchers, PSC members, Students, Workshops, Meetings,Case Studies, RAP, CRCWSC Board
Urban Development Institute of Australia WA CRCWSC Board
Urbaqua WA Seminar
Vic Roads VIC Case Study WP5.1
Victoria University VIC Workshop (WP5.1)
WALGA WA Seminar
Water Corporation WA Case Study WP5.2, Workshops, Meetings, Capacity Building
Water Environment & Reuse Foundation USA Meetings
Water Sensitive SA SA PSC member, Case studies WP5.5, RAP, Capacity Building,
Water Services Association of Australia NSW PSC member, Meetings, workshops
Water Technology VIC RAP
Wyndam City Council VIC Case Study WP5.1
Yarra Valley Water VIC Workshop (WP5.1)
Last updated: 11th May 2018