Water sensitive precincts

The development of new precincts provides an opportunity to deliver water sensitive practices at scale. Taking advantage of economies of scale, precinct solutions are often very effective. In some cases decentralised water management infrastructure can delay needs for augmenting city-wide water and sewer infrastructure. Stormwater management at a precinct scale can include larger wetlands and ponds that provide valuable recreation and amenity assets for a development.

Central Park Recycled Water Scheme

New South Wales

This is the world’s biggest recycled water facility in the basement of a residential building, which collects wastewater along with stormwater runoff and rainwater to supply non-potable water demands in the precinct.

Kalkallo Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse


The Kalkallo Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Scheme is the first facility in Australia attempting to harvest and treat stormwater to a standard acceptable for direct injection into the drinking water system.

Currumbin Ecovillage Rainwater Harvesting


The Currumbin Ecovillage is a 147 lot development in the Gold Coast Hinterland with sustainability at its heart. It demonstrates off-grid living and includes large rainwater tanks on each lot to provide drinking water.

Currumbin Ecovillage Wastewater Management


The Currumbin Ecovillage is a 147 lot development in the Gold Coast Hinterland with sustainability at its heart. Wastewater is treated on-site and provided back to the houses for non-potable uses.

A new community at Officer


Collaborative planning and design delivered habitat-rich 100m wide waterway corridors which included 'eco-sponges' which hold and infiltrate stormwater runoff to minimise impacts on the waterway.



A Melbourne development planned in collaboration between a water utility and a developer, which includes smart technology to provide rainwater for hot water supply, recycled water supply and real-time monitoring of water use, forthcoming storms and tank levels.

White Gum Valley

Western Australia

An infill development in Freemantle that demonstrates a water sensitive approach at all scales, with smart monitoring of on-lot systems, communal groundwater network for garden irrigation and an infiltration basin transformed into a public park.

Water Sensitive Elwood


The low-lying suburb of Elwood in inner Melbourne has had ongoing flooding issues for a long time. A proactive engagement was delivered to partner with communities and develop a shared understanding of the challenges and co-design possible solutions.

Last updated: 19th Oct 2018