A Water Sensitive Adelaide is within reach, with the urban water management industry this year collaborating to deliver the vision and transition strategy: a foundation for an urban water plan for Adelaide.

The move reflects that industry and the community are looking to government to lead changes in structures, policy and practices that provide integrated, efficient water solutions to transform Adelaide to a greener, cooler, and more liveable city.

As part of its Integrated Research Project 1, the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) engaged with Adelaide’s water and land use planning sectors in a series of workshops and interviews from March to July 2017. This collaborative process, expertly facilitated by the CRCWSC, has led to two key publications.

Adelaide’s water story (illustration: Simon Kneebone)

The Vision and Transition Strategy for a Water Sensitive Greater Adelaide concisely articulates Adelaide’s historic water story, a benchmark of current water sensitive performance, a vision of Adelaide as a water sensitive city by 2067, and strategic priorities needed to enable the next phase of transitioning to a water sensitive city.

The accompanying full workshop report outlines further methodological detail on the workshop process and provides more background information and analysis.

Participants in the workshops and interviews say they are happy with the thoroughness of the report, and are interested in driving the recommendations forward.

Vision and Transition Strategy for a Water Sensitive Adelaide

Benchmarking, Envisioning, and Transition Planning for a Water Sensitive Adelaide: Final Case Report

Last updated: 12th Dec 2017