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Trees for a cool city: Guidelines for optimised tree placement

Trees for a cool city   provides guidelines on placing street trees for the largest cooling benefits for human thermal comfort. It explains where to place trees within street design and orientation, and emphasises the use of urban water management to…
  • Date Published: 15th Nov 2017

Riparian Design Guidelines to Inform the Ecological Repair of Urban Waterways

Riparian zones, the strips of land that run adjacent to streams and rivers, support an array of ecological processes important for healthy, well-functioning waterways. There is a strong incentive to manage and protect riparian zones because repairing a relatively small…
  • Date Published: 20th Oct 2017

Flexibility in adaptation planning – Guidelines for when, where and how to embed and value flexibility for urban flood resilience

Preface This guideline provides the ingredients for embedding and valuing flexibility in adaptive planning. In contemporary adaptation planning in the urban flood risk management sector, the valuation of flexibility is about determining the expected net present value of the adaptation…
  • Date Published: 14th Mar 2017

Adoption guidelines for stormwater biofiltration systems

Water biofiltration is the process of improving water (stormwater and wastewater) quality by filtering water through biologically influenced media.

  • Date Published: 1st Oct 2015

Adoption guidelines for stormwater biofiltration systems – Summary report

This guideline provides information on stormwater biofilter performance, the business case for its adoption, technical design guidance and key issues for constructing, monitoring and maintaining systems. They have been developed based upon the latest biofiltration research and in collaboration with…
  • Date Published: 31st Jul 2015