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Arden Macaulay framed through water: Design investigation, Stage 1

One of a suite of projects in Melbourne, Brisbane, and  Perth, the Arden Macaulay Project aims to apply a water ‘lens’ to redeveloping Arden Macaulay, an old industrial brownfield site rezoned to enable high-density  housing and other mixed uses, and…
  • Date Published: 28th Sep 2017

More than money: how multiple factors influence householder participation in at-source stormwater management

Abstract Urban stormwater run-off is a threat to stream ecosystems. New approaches to stormwater management aim to protect urban streams from such impacts, by retaining, treating and using stormwater at its source. As up to ∼50% of runoff from urban…
  • Date Published: 6th Dec 2014

Saving a creek one bid at a time: A uniform price auction for urban stormwater retention

Abstract Urban stormwater runoff degrades waterway health. We describe a market-based approach to identify the most efficient investments to reduce urban stormwater impacts at minimum cost. The framework involves the joint consideration of public and private supply of environmental services…
  • Date Published: 17th Dec 2014

Getting the public onside can boost raingarden acceptance

To many local residents living near a raingarden, understanding the reasons for its construction or design style can be just as important as whether it adds value – aesthetic as well as economic – to their street. CRC for Water…

Ideas for Fishermans Bend

Regeneration of brownfield areas on the scale envisaged at Fishermans Bend provides unique opportunities for pursuing multiple urban development objectives aligned to the Council of Australian Government’s vision for the performance of Australian cities (Department of Infrastructure and Transport, 2011):…

Kalkallo: a case study in technological innovation amidst complex regulation

This is a report of a case study undertaken over 2014, which investigated how current regulatory and risk allocation frameworks impacted upon the innovative Kalkallo stormwater harvesting and reuse project. The Kalkallo Project is a precinct level project in Melbourne’s…
  • Date Published: 31st Jan 2015