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Here’s what happened at Ozwater’18

Tony Wong (Chief Executive Officer) and Nora Foley (Research Portfolio Manager) sell the water sensitive message. Our staff and researchers shared their vision for water sensitive cities at the Australian Water Association’s Ozwater’18 conference in Brisbane earlier this month (8–10…
  • Date Published: 22nd May 2018

Scientists versus policy-makers: building capacity for productive interactions across boundaries in the urban water sector

Abstract This paper critically reflects on a trial process for building the capacity of researchers to influence policy-makers in the urban water sector in Australia. Framed as an action research inquiry, this study brought together multidisciplinary teams of researchers to…
  • Date Published: 8th Aug 2016

Understanding six water leadership roles: a framework to help build leadership capacity

Abstract This paper describes six leadership roles that often feature in processes of change that drive more sustainable forms of water management in developed and developing countries. These are referred to as the champion leader, enabling leader, cross-boundary team leader,…
  • Date Published: 1st Jul 2015