We have successfully applied the water sensitive cities principles of practice to many global cities of varying climatic and institutional settings.

The CRCWSC brings together many disciplines, world-renowned subject matter experts, and industry thought leaders to revolutionise urban water management, in Australia and overseas.

Our vision is for a water sensitive future for the world—and we’re already guiding infrastructure investment in the Australian water sector and supporting overseas agencies with their own visions for water sensitive cities.

We can apply our work to global cities of a wide variety of climatic conditions, challenges and institutional settings.

We are working on many international water sensitive cities projects, including in China, India and Singapore. We are an Asian Development Bank knowledge partner and we are also working with the World Bank to support their Water Scarce Cities Program.

We proudly have many international Participants, including UNESCO, the National University of Singapore, the Kunshan Bureau of Planning (China), and the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark).

You may find our research and case studies from both Australia and overseas useful to your own context or speak to us about how we may support your project objectives.

We welcome your interest in our work and how it might influence your own.

Tony Wong speaks at South African conference

Our CEO, Professor Tony Wong, was a keynote speaker at the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) conference on 24–27 June in Cape Town. Tony presented his keynote address ‘Integrated water management, water sensitive cities and liveability’ on the conference opening day. He looked at urban water challenges in Australia during the period of the Millennium Drought, and the floods that broke that drought, and how many Australian cities have prepared to strengthen the resilience of Australian cities to future climatic challenges. He reflected on some of the lessons from that period and developed some key messages that could guide…

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Benchmarking, Envisioning and Transition Planning for a Water Sensitive Greater Sydney: Final Case Report

The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) was invited to develop a WSC vision and transition strategy for Sydney, encompassing the Greater Sydney region. This forms part of the Water Sensitive City Visions and Transition Strategies integrated research…

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Last updated: 29th Aug 2018