Join the CRCWSC in a Trade Mission to the City of Kunshan, China in February 2017. Unlike other trade missions, this mission is purposeful and is Kunshan-specific, aimed at facilitating Australian companies forming partnerships with local companies to deliver an ambitious capital works program over the next 3 years.

Off the back of over 30 water sensitive projects implemented in Kunshan under the guidance of the CRCWSC, the City has set aside a 23 km² area as a sponge city demonstration zone with capital works expenditure of over 2Billion RMB (~AUD$387Million) over the next three years. Over 300 projects have been identified, ranging from new and retrofitting urban development, pipe line upgrading, flood infrastructure, roads, park land development, and waterway restoration.

As a trusted advisor, the CRCWSC has been asked to continue to support the City in developing water management strategies and concept design and to facilitate the introduction of suitable Australian companies with expertise in water sensitive urban design, water technology and associated infrastructure planning and design to help support their sponge city infrastructure delivery program. In response, the CRCWSC is proposing to lead a trade mission to Kunshan on the 13th to 15th of February 2017 with the specific purpose of providing introductions for Australian companies to the City of Kunshan and their invited associated local design institutes and urban infrastructure enterprises.

Find more details below at the download link of the flyer and register your interest before 16 December 2016.